A Complete Solution for Money Changers

Retail Forex (Bureau de Change / Money Changer POS and Back Office)

An end-to-end software solution for Bureau de Change Automation, aimed at Full-Fledged Money Changers and Authorized Dealers. The system delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and in-house deployment for large companies, covers the entire operations of a Bureau de Change (Money Changer) from Point-of-Sale to complete accounting and financial Management.

The system provides for national and international standards in Anti-Money Laundering compliance. The system complies with the operational and reporting standards of the central banks (Reserve Bank of India).

At FXPLUS, we work with our clients to provide IT products and services for the Retail Forex and International Money Transfer Industry.

Our Story

We started with a few people and one client and focused our energies towards creating a great product for that client. The same spirit of work has continued for many years that have gone by very fast in the age of internet.

Over this time we have built products that delight our clients and built clients relationships that we cherish. We are happy helping our clients grow, face new challenges with confidence and seize greater opportunities.

The Retail forex product was our first born and is dearest to us and we have seen it transform from playing as a DOS kid to a grown up young SaaS pro on the cloud. The clients too have enjoyed this journey and together with them we see a great future. Now we do more than that. We have traversed new areas such as Money Transfer automation, on-mobile apps for Money Changers, analytics, travel related software.

We simplified cloud delivery for our clients by aligning everything we do to new technology delivery mechanism. This journey has been possible because of our people, their commitment and integrity.

For us, the journey is about all of us, the team which builds the software and the customers who use our software whose ideas have shaped our success.

Few things that guide us in what we do